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Top Mark High School in Kawangware, Kenya is the recipient of the first batch of technology provided by EO to be used to make both the teaching and administrative process at the school easier and more efficient. 

Educational Outcomes (EO) provides refurbished computers, laptops and printers, as well as textbooks, to disadvantaged schools that have demonstrated high standards of instruction and passionate commitment to the lives of their students.  

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Education is the cornerstone of a balanced and fulfilled future

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Educational Outcomes (EO) Educational Outcomes is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing depressed social conditions within disadvantaged populations. We concentrate on positive community building projects in cooperation, when feasible and possible, with government and local civic organizations.  Focus is given to mitigation of poverty through educational empowerment. 

In 2015, a group of like-minded individuals followed through with an idea that had been germinating amongst them for close to a decade.  It was felt that education is the cornerstone of a balanced and fulfilled life.  It is, we believe, one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.  When the lack of educational opportunities is combined with the injuries of hunger and poverty a person becomes disengaged from normal growth processes and faces high risks of negative life outcomes. The lack of positive economic engagement, in many cases, places burdens on the already strained religious, governmental, and private social alleviation structures.            

Educational Outcomes exists as a 501c3 charitable organization.  This allows funding options including grants from both public and private sources, donations in kind, and private and corporate sponsors.

At present we concentrate resources in the following areas:

​Trauma Informed Training Program:
Teachers, aid workers, and volunteers need the right tools if they hope to begin a healing and educational process for the many who have gone through so much.  All humans, especially children, learn through complex environments combining economic, emotional, mental, and physical components.  Learners recently exposed to violence and personal loss cannot start to grow intellectually without first experiencing a basic security in all these categories.  Trauma-centered education techniques equip the helpers to create safe-spaces, learn cross-cultural nuance, identify deep emotional injuries, and manage strong emotion and conflict, among other critical skills necessary to grow in the classroom.

Educational Outcomes has created training modules and educational materials to promote trauma-informed techniques for teachers, volunteers and staff who seek to educate at-risk populations.  Schools and educational organizations will be able to stage concise, up-to-date, professionally prepared learning experiences to inform their workers of best practices in this field. Topics covered in EO materials include: identification of trauma-inducing circumstances; identification of mental/emotional trauma signs in students; techniques for communication with trauma-affected students; techniques for creation of trauma-sensitive classrooms; references to additional professional research to assist in specifying education programs in particular settings.

Montgomery County, Texas
where we conduct various education based programs: GED Prep & Foundational Learning courses,, college placement and enrollment services, and military testing (ASVAB) assistance. We also offer interships in our Social Entrepreneur Academy to those wanting to expand their knowledge base and participate in socially conscious projects (see tab).

Kawangare, Kenya, Africa
where we offer both financial and educational support to Top Mark High School. We have been proviledged to be able to offer teacher stipends towards salaries and the purchasing of textbooks, printers, and computers for their students and staff.

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Executive Director: 

Gary Audas Jr. MEd, MPA

Advisory Board:
Dr. Kenneth Hendrickson PhD
Kerrie Hendrickson
Sandra Audas MBA


 GED Prep Courses

​​Projects & Community Development