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Educational Outcomes (EO) will address depressed social conditions within disadvantaged populations in the United States and abroad.  We will concentrate on positive community building projects in cooperation, when feasible and possible, with government and local civic organizations.  Particular focus will be given to the realization of client educational goals, mitigation of hunger, and poverty reduction strategies.  Education is the cornerstone of a balanced and fulfilled life.  It is, we believe, one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century.  When the lack of educational opportunities is combined with the injuries of hunger and poverty a person becomes disengaged from normal growth processes and faces high risks of negative life outcomes.  EO will be a source for positive growth strategies, and will supply resources for clients working to achieve the fulfillment of life goals.

Educational issues:

  • GED courses
  • Upgrade existing technology options; computers, printers, software, etc.
  • Provision of tutoring materials, textbooks, and educational classroom supplies
  • Career planning

Poverty:  (Tied closely to educational projects)

Job placement assistance
Basic skills training

Immediate Needs:

Strategy:  Institute a public relations initiative to make the community at large aware of opportunities available to take part in programs on offer from EO.

Action:   Through social media, local community organizations, churches, and government offices notify the public of EO and their programs.

Strategy:  To integrate current community resources to promote and administer EO initiatives.

Action:  Contact charitable donors to develop a literacy and education program for deployment locally and in overseas settings.

Educational Outcomes exists as a 501c3 charitable organization.  This allows funding options including grants from both public and private sources, donations in kind, and private and corporate sponsors.

Educational Outcomes is a grassroots 501c3.  It was founded and is administered by families united in the cause of making a positive difference in the world.  All administrative functions are carried out pro bono. Donors can rest assured that not less than 95% of any donation goes directly to EO project recipients.  The remaining money covers costs like website maintenance, communications, shipping, and publicity initiatives. 

Mission Statement

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