Refugee Education Program

Trauma-Informed Teacher Training

We will seek to address the effects of severe trauma on the health and

educational achievement of students. 

Fully developed trauma informed teacher training program.

If feasible, a 60-day curriculum that is trauma-centric.

It is hoped that EO will provide teacher training to local Arabic/Turkish teachers that will allow employment opportunities to qualified refugee teachers.

Current cost estimates for two teachers of approximately $500.00 per teacher per month ($12,000.00)

Program Evaluation

Provide professional program evaluation to organizations that are seeking to update their metrics and reporting options, and streamline the effectiveness of their current operations

Children to School Program

EO is working closely with refugee community centers and refugee organizations to target young boys and girls at risk of having their educational future curtailed due to early marriage or child labor.

Small Projects Istanbul is dedicated to helping those displaced by the conflict in Syria rebuild their lives, through supporting community development, education, and empowerment. 
SPI's Community Center is designed to be a place of safety and belonging, within this space we are committed to working with the community to ensure the best opportunities for families, students and individuals to reach their full potential in Istanbul and beyond.

Turkey Volunteers works hard to keep young girls in school and out of child labor and early marriage.

Arin is 15 years old and has found a  sponsor.  This has allowed her to leave her job in textiles and go to school. 

Educational Outcomes:  A Global Development Charity
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Educational Outcomes, working with local aid organizations, among then Small Projects Istanbuland Turkey Volunteers, will seek to aid refugee populations in and around Istanbul with its Refugee Education Program.

In 2011, the Syrian Civil War created a humanitarian and refugee crisis not seen since the Second World War. 

More than 250,000 Syrian have died and more than 13.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance inside of Syria.

Nearly 5 million refugees have fled Syria, almost 3 million of those are currently in Turkey, some 366,000 just in Istanbul

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, calls Syria the “worst humanitarian disaster of our era.”