Educational Outcomes:  A Global Development Charity

Social Entrepreneur Academy

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Educational Outcomes has established a series of socially conscious programs created to help individuals seeking to further their life goals through community growth related entrepreneurship.

We are actively seeking participants to intern in one of our four programs.  Each program will seek to provide the participant with a solid foundation that enables the learner to properly create, manage, and make profitable a community-based project. 
Topics of instruction to included, but not limited too:
•    Project Research & Planning
•    Stakeholder Engagement
•    Networking
•    Database Creation and Management Platforms
•    Banking and Financial Structures
•    Budgeting
•    Profit & Loss Considerations & Profit Sharing
•    Grant Writing
•    Volunteer Engagement and Management
•    Website and Social Media Considerations
•    Logistics

Courses of instruction are available for 30, 60, 90, 120 days, and 1 year.  The participant will be asked to dedicate 10+ hours per week and may have additional weekend hours added as well.

 Participants will shadow and be actively instructed by program managers and mentors to gain insight and hands-on experience in the day to day management of various projects that are heavily weighted in providing intrinsic value to the community at large.  By applying critical thinking skills, management best practices, and learned topical skills to variegated issues the participant will become part of a team that sees complex projects to fruition.

 Currently, Educational Outcomes is seeking participants to populate four separate programs:
•    Community Supported Agriculture
o    Garden and Farmer’s Market Project in association with the Montgomery County Homeless Coalition
•    Biomass Briquets Project
o    Creating sustainable and recyclable solutions to waste issues locally and globally.
•    Aquaponics
o    Farming combined with multiple disciplines in association with multiple stakeholders
•    Lawn and Garden Service
Interested participants should contact Gary Audas Jr. @ 713.858.6101 or the email address below with any questions or to register.

Gary Audas Jr.
Executive Director
Educational Outcomes