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Top Mark High School Teachers

The Principal and Director of Top Mark High School receiving the laptop and printer.  "Jubilation and joy in Top Mark for this has never happened.  Thanks so much Gary and all that made this happen.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL."

Teacher Salaries

Top Mark High School

This school, located in Kawangware, Kenya, is the focus of various projects undertaken by EO.  Technology constraints have frustrated the school's effective administration, and have prevented the proper production of classroom material like study guides and testing forms.  EO has committed to provide Top Mark High School with 5 laptop computers: 1 for school administration and 1 each for each Form (grade).  Combining these computers with 2 printers will make a real and positive impact on the learning outcomes of the students at Top Mark High School.

Technology sponsor:  Top Mark High School

Critical to the success of any educational operation is the institutional memory of the teaching and administrative staff.  High turnover rates have plagued many schools throughout Africa.  Slum areas are particularly hard hit.  

Top Mark High School faces the constant struggle of funding its staff, even at the basic level of guaranteeing regular salary payments.  Financial want causes teachers to leave the school, hurting the continuity in both the instructional needs of the students and the administration.

EO seeks to sponsor teacher and administrative salaries.  Teachers and staff members at Top Mark operate on a salary of approximately $120.00 USD (13,000 Ksh) per month.  Total monthly funding for the teachers and staff would cost $1,200.00 USD (120,000 Ksh).  There are 8 full-time teachers and 2 associated staff.

You kind donation of $120.00 USD (13,000 Ksh) will fund one teacher or administrator for one month of the school year.

More information on Top Mark High School can be found on their website here:

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Top Mark High School

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