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Often associated with high visibility crises such as those found in refugee communities, trauma has impact on learners of all ages and in all parts of the world, including the US. Thousands of American students face homelessness. Even greater numbers will endure exploitation, hunger, violence, and/or loss of family at some time during their schooling. One critical need is to ensure effective educational opportunities give these learners the tools that help them build productive lives and successful families. 

All humans learn through complex environments combining economic, emotional, mental, and physical components. Persons exposed to privation, violence and personal loss cannot start to grow intellectually without first experiencing basic security in all these categories. 

Trauma-centered education techniques equip the helpers to create safe-spaces, learn cross-cultural nuance, identify deep emotional injuries, and manage strong emotion and conflict, among other critical skills necessary in a trauma-affected classroom. Teachers, classroom aides, and volunteers need the right tools if they hope to begin a healing and educational process for the many who suffer.  

Educational Outcomes has created and disseminates a program of trauma-informed education preparation. We deliver training modules and educational materials directly to on-site or near-site education workers dealing with at-risk students. Organizations will be able to stage concise, up-to-date, professionally prepared learning experiences to inform their workers of best practices in this field.

Topics covered in EO materials include identification of trauma-inducing circumstances; identification of mental/emotional trauma signs in students; techniques for communication with trauma-affected students; techniques for the creation of trauma-sensitive classrooms; references to additional professional research to assist in specifying education programs in particular settings.

Learn how to become a trauma-informed educator/organization and partner.

EO has provided fully developed trauma-informed teacher training to local Arabic/Turkish teachers that will allow employment opportunities to qualified refugee teachers. We seek to address the effects of severe trauma on the health and educational achievement of students. 

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Top Mark High School

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This school, located in Kawangware, Kenya, is the focus of various projects undertaken by Educational Outcomes.

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Trauma-informed GED prep program

Our national school system, colleges, universities, and Adult Basic Education programs are populated with students that have, at one time or another, faced barriers to learning caused by exposure to trauma and have not been able to realize their life’s goals due to stunted educational performance.  

Since 2015, Educational Outcomes has used trauma-informed educational practices with its GED Prep Program clients. Many of our clients are products of abusive and traumatic environments. We work with students that have real barriers to moving forward in the learning process due to poverty, abuse, neglect, and homelessness. By forming positive relationships, creating safe teaching spaces, and creating individualized educational journeys, we help our clients achieve success in earning their GED certification by providing a path not available in normal teaching environments.

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